Nervous Dog Watches Intently As Dad Tries To Save Stuffed Toy’s Life

Hayley Alaxanian has a dog named Leo. And Leo’s favorite toy is a brown stuffed animal that he takes with him everywhere he goes. So when the day came that the toy had lived its life and started falling apart, the dog was obviously heartbroken.

Leo accidentally (?) ripped a hole in the toy, and the white insides came out. Hayley’s dad took the toy and put it out of reach, but the dog kept crying and trying to get to it. So Dad took out the sewing kit and got to work to try and save its life.

Leo watched intently from the beginning of the operation all the way until the end. The toy pulled through the surgery, and no one was happier than Leo!

Back together again! Maybe Leo will be a bit more careful with his favorite toy going forward. But knowing dogs, probably not. 😉

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