You Should Never Adopt A Corgi – Here Are 20 Definitive Reasons Why

If you’ve ever come into contact with a Corgi, surely you know that they’re the absolute worst. Like, if you looked up “the worst” in the encyclopedia, you would find a picture of a Corgi.

Their short little legs, strange long bodies, and energy that could outrun the Energizer Bunny, there are just too myany reasons why you would never want to never adopt a Corgi.

Here are 15 of the main reasons you definitely don’t want to adopt a Corgi.

1) They Do Not Get Along Well With Children

They are a no-nonsense type of a dog and have no time for a child’s shenanigans.

2) They Also Don’t Get Along With Other Dogs

They are kinds of antisocial if you ask us. They just don’t know how to play nice.

3) They Have Weird Shaped Bodies

I mean, they kind of look like walking hot dogs.

4) They Have An Attitude About Them

Like they just think they are so cool.

5) They Can Never Just Sit Back and Relax

They are constantly on the move.

6) I Mean Do These Guys Ever Sleep?

I can’t imagine that they do.

7) They Never Take Initiative

It’s like they constantly have to be lead.

8) And You Better Not Have Cats

Corgis absolutely hate cats.

9) They Are Pretty Much Intolerant of All Species

Their initial instinct is to attack.

10) I Mean, They Don’t Even Like Other Corgis

It’s like they always have to be the center of attention.

11) They Can Be Pretty Intimidating

They are sometimes very aggressive.

12) They Are Just a Nightmare When They Are Babies

Who would want to take care of one of these?

13.) They Are Not Affectionate

Don’t even think of trying to get a hug out of one of these guys.

14) And You Can Forget About Kisses

Corgis never give kisses.

15) And I Never See Them Smile

I mean, are they ever happy?

16) They Will Walk All Over Your If You Let Them

And they won’t think twice about it.

17) And They Never Ever Want to Play

God forbid you ask them to play catch.

18) They Are Also Very Temperamental

It’s like they freak out over every little thing.

19) They Always Seem Like Their On a Mission And Have Something To Do

For some reason, they can can’t sit back, relax and party.

20) I Mean Corgis Really Are Just the Worst

And they’re not even really that cute. I mean who could possibly want to adopt one of these and give them a forever home.

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