New Dog Story: Spot The Robot Dog

With the advancement of technology, more and more amazing inventions were made and one of them is Spot- a robotic dog created by Boston Dynamics.

Boston Dynamics is a tech company owned by Google that focuses on robotics. They plan to make robot dogs specialize in delivering packages.

Spot is modeled from dogs, this robot has four legs, can climb stairs, and is agile enough to withstand thrusts. They also working on features that Spot can fight thefts on the street while delivering.

Spot also has a sibling, SpotMini, which is a combination of a dog and giraffe.

These robotic dogs were also mapped out to avoid obstacles. Boston Dynamics also tested two robot dogs on a production line.

Spot has been exposed to the global market many times and was launched last June 2021. Here’s a video of Spot Launch.

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