This New Exotic Dog Breed Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!

Are you feeling a little bit down today? Well here’s something that will make you laugh!

First let me ask you, how many dog breeds can you name? Are you familiar with most (if not all) of the dog breeds? Well then, I bet you haven’t seen anything like this one!

Here we present to you the newest, most exotic dog breed ever! One of this breed’s distinct characteristics is his googly eyes! He may look quite comical, especially with that smile on his face! But wait till you see his whole body…

Ooops…sorry guys, this is not a new dog breed. It’s a Pit Bull sleeping on his back! LOL! Yep, those googly eyes had us fooled! But hey, it made you smile (or laugh), right?

I gotta hand it to the owners of this dog; putting those googly eyes was very clever! Nevertheless, upside down dogs are really funny, aren’t they? Have you ever tried to make a funny face with your upside down dog’s face? Leave a comment below!

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