A New York Chef Is Treating These Shelter Animals To A Fancy 3-Course Meal For Thanksgiving

Are you hungry yet? This holiday, an estimated 46 million turkeys and several million vegetable-based alternatives are going to be eaten, the University of Illinois maintains, alongside massive mounds of mashed potatoes, gallons of gravy, and a smattering of cranberry sauce.

But while we chow down, what’s left over for our furry friends?

A chef from Buffalo, New York, is making sure the cats and dogs in his community are well fed, which is what the holiday is all about, after all.

“Them alone while we celebrate with friends and family did not sit well with me,” Von Saint told The Dodo.

Several dozen animals at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter will be the ones celebrating this holiday, as Von Saint serves them 3-course meals.

So, what goes best with a side of catnip? Malik Von Saint has a menu of small plates planned out, the Dodo reports, with beef tartare, chicken cooked sous-vide, roasted sweet potatoes, basmati rice and broccoli.

Nothing that would upset the animals’ stomachs, of course.

This dinner is meant to make everyone at the shelter happy, and best of all is dessert. Von Saint’s “crème glacée de woof,” a homemade dog ice cream served on a bone, is sure to please a few pups. Meanwhile, “Le Gateau Cattier,” a tiny catnip cupcake, is reserved for feline friends.

Von Saint’s generosity was prompted by his own rescue pet, Cannoli, a small white dog he adopted a few years ago. This is the second year the chef has treated local animals to a holiday dinner, and it’s a celebration for the entire shelter, as many of the animals hope to find their forever homes during a coordinated Thanksgiving event.

Just like Chef Von Saint, the Animal Rescue Site’s mission is to help animals, and we know you’re looking for ways to help too. Click a button below to make a difference in some very deserving animals’ lives this season!

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