New York Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped In Frozen Pond

A border collie named Tux found himself in a dangerous situation after he wandered onto a frozen pond in upstate New York.

The dog’s hind legs fell through the thin ice, trapping him in the freezing water.

Frewsburg Fire Company rushed to save the dog after receiving the early morning call.

“At 7:47 am we were dispatched to a report of a dog that had partially fallen through the ice on a pond,” posted the fire department.

Firefighters suited up in protective gear before entering the freezing water. They broke the ice as they made their way to the trapped dog. Tux was finally freed and carried back to shore by his rescuers.

He spent some time warming up in the fire truck and was then returned to his owners.

The fire department shared the good news on Facebook and wrote, “Crews were quick to respond and were able to safely rescue the family pet. The owners report he is warm and back to his normal self. Job well done by everyone involved!!”

Chautauqua County Sheriff witnessed the amazing rescue and said, “Thanks to the quick action of the fire department, there was a very happy ending to this dangerous situation.”

As the temperature drops and snow begins to fall in many states around the country, it is important for dog owners to keep a close eye on their furry friends.

Every year, firefighters rescue countless dogs who fall through the thin ice on ponds and lakes.

Hypothermia can occur in dogs after 5-10 minutes in freezing water. American Veterinary Medical Association urges dog owners to avoid ice.

They state, “When walking your dog, stay away from frozen ponds, lakes and other water. You don’t know if the ice will support your dog’s weight, and if your dog breaks through the ice it could be deadly. And if this happens and you instinctively try to save your dog, both of your lives could be in jeopardy.”

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