Newborn Puppies Dropped Off At Library Now Looking For Forever Homes

A litter of newborn puppies dropped off at a library in Washington are now looking for homes.

The puppies were found when an animal control officer with the Hoquiam Police Department received a call from the local library, KIRO 7 reports. Someone had left the dogs in a box near the front door.

There were few clues that could possibly identify the individual or group who dropped the puppies off. At just a few days old, the puppies would surely have suffered had no one called animal control.

The Harbor Rescue animal organization stepped up to take the puppies in and put the story out on social media.

“HEADS UP, Harbor Rescue Followers! We just got in 8 about 4 day old puppies and will need help with supplies and vetting funds,” the rescue posted. “They will stay together at the foster home they are in. Mom is unknown, most still have dried umbilical cords attached. We have six cans of powdered formula at this time but will also need to get these babies to our vet. Please, help if you can and share either way!

Harbor Rescue is now hoping its community can help cover vet bills and purchase supplies for the animals.

“With the cost of $400+ to completely vet each healthy dog, we will spend a minimum of $3200.00 in vet costs alone,” the rescue posted. “We appreciate your help, whether financial, emotional, or donation of formula/potty pads/Science Diet Puppy Food/veterinarian expenses. WE LOVE YOU ❤”

With nearly $3,000 raised by Thanksgiving, the rescue is well on the way to its goal.

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