News Reporter & Friend Saves Dog Dying Of Heatstroke In The Nick Of Time

As responsible dog owners, we should know that during hot days our dogs can easily get hot and would need shade and a lot of water to rehydrate.

In Detroit, a dog dying of a heat stroke was saved by a news reporter and her friend who were passing by.

Reporter Kim Craig of 7 Action News and a friend of hers named Sandra Abrahamian were on their way to meet up with a man in Detroit’s east side to help him get ready for a job interview. But on their way, they saw a dog who collapsed on the street.


The owner was beside the dog. At first they thought the dog had been hit by a vehicle, but when they came over to help, the owner told them that her dog had collapsed after they walked a mile home. It was a hot day and the dog had trouble breathing and then he collapsed. He was dying of heatstroke.

Watch the full story below and see how this news reporter and her friend saved the dying dog!

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