NFL Rookie Star Will Wear Dog-Themed Cleats To Take A Stand Against Animal Cruelty

This week, NFL players will be sporting custom cleats to support their favorite causes as part of the “My Cause, My Cleats” campaign.

Naturally, one of our favorite designs is dog-themed, which will be worn by Ezekiel Elliot of the Dallas Cowboys!


The shoes are designed with bones, paw prints, and even an adorable picture of his Rottie, Ace. Completed with the words, “Adopt, Volunteer, Prevent Cruelty,” the shoes are part of the campaign to end animal cruelty.


Perhaps this cause is particularly close to his heart because last year, his other dog was tragically stolen, Unbelievably, the thief cut a hole in his fence in order to take his beloved pup, Chase.


According to Fox Sports, last month the star rookie even sponsored an event for for $21 animal adoptions. Elliot is a known promoter of adopting pets rather than purchasing them.


The NFL’s leading rusher is so close to his four-legged best friend, he even has an Instagram account just for Ace!


Other admirable causes that Cowboys players will be promoting include taking a stand against domestic violence and blocking out hunger.

We love it when athletes use their platform to stand up for great causes – especially when they have to do with animals! Ezekiel Elliot, consider us fans!

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