Nikon Develops Camera that Your Dog Can Operate

Using state of the art 3D printing technology, and a few other nifty new technologies, you can get a real “dog’s eye view” of the world. Nikon has made a special case that goes around your dog’s neck, allowing them to take pictures. The best part, is the camera ill now operate according to the dog. It’s completely human-free.

The operation is simple. It goes around your dog’s neck just like a collar with a camera case built into it. Then, it connects to a heart rate monitor, similar to the ones used by runners and fitness enthusiasts today. When the heart rate goes up a bit, the camera snaps a photo.

Granted, not every photo is simply amazing. The effect is a bit worse if you have an easily excited dog! Nikon knows that there will be many improvements needed to make it a consumer grade electronic device, but this new technology is a very big step in the right direction.

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