NJ Shelter Has Been Putting Pets Down On-Demand For $100, And Now It’s Under Investigation

As far as stories go, this one is a bit of a shaggy dog. But, as far as animal care facilities go, the situation at the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter cannot get much worse.

Less than a month after racking up several state health code violations, a New Jersey township’s animal shelter found to be euthanizing animals the same day they were dropped off, in exchange for cash, is now being investigated by the local government.

According to NJ 101.5, state inspectors reported unclean conditions, outdated medications–some expired years ago–and improper euthanasia practices. State law requires a shelter to wait a week before putting an animal down, unless otherwise directed by a veterinarian, but the shelter was offering same-day euthanization.

In response, Township Health Official Jeff Plunkett told the station that the service was offered for $100 to pet parents who could not afford other alternatives, surgery or veterinary care. Plunkett also said the shelter received approval from its veterinarian before killing the animals.

Soon after, the shelter’s veterinarian resigned.

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