They Had No Idea Why Their Dog Kept Escaping The House Until They Followed Her

A black Labrador kept going out of the house. The family had no idea why their dog kept escaping the house, so one day, they followed the dog to find out where he’s going. Their hearts melted when they saw where the dog was going, and who he’s been meeting with! Good thing they had a camera with them, so they were able to take a video of the adorable moment!

It turns out, the dog went to the barn to be with a horse. This dog and this horse has somehow fallen in love with each other! In the video below, you’ll see the horse licking and kissing (possibly grooming) the black Lab. It’s one of the sweetest thing you’ll ever see! Check out the video below and watch their precious, loving moment together!

Awwww…aren’t they sweet? This is why we love animal friendships so much! Despite their differences, they still like (and love!) each other so much!

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