No one wanted this dying, 16-year-old shelter dog — until one family took a chance

No one wanted to adopt this dying, 16-year-old dog at the shelter. His fur was matted and missing, and he was just a skeleton of a dog. But soon things changed for Bear. A family came in that decided to take a chance on him. Apparently all Bear needed was a little care and a little love. This is a transformation you have to see to believe.

This was Bear’s kennel record; just an older dog in need of some help.


The ride to freedom.


Bear’s first day home.


Norman (his new name) found a nice spot to take naps.


He LOVES naps. 🙂


And of course he loves dog food. Ah, the good life!


Looking better and better each day!


He just needed to be loved.


Being rescued gave Norman a whole new outlook on life. And a new look.


Adopting a dog doesn’t just save its life, it makes it a whole lot better! Spread the word by sharing this story.

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