No Way Around It…Pedigree’s Moving Ad Campaign Will Tug At Your Heartstrings. Incredible Video!

Not that I needed to convince you…but it’s worth saying: dogs make everything better. All it takes is one tail wag, one nuzzle, one belly-up request for some love, and boom – any situation is instantly improved.

Pedigree seems to agree with that idea. The famous dog food brand has rolled out a new global ad campaign called “Feed the Good,” which operates on a simple principle: dogs bring out the best in every single one of us by helping us reconnect with our truest, most innocent and in-the-moment selves.

One of the campaign’s first videos, a short film titled “First Days Out,” introduces audiences to two ex-cons who adopt dogs after being released from prison. We see the men, initially discouraged and unsure about what the future holds, start to embrace life again as they bond with their new companions.

It’s a truly beautiful, touching portrait of the impact dogs and their owners have one one another, regardless of what each has been through in the past.

If you cry easily, you might want to grab the tissues before watching!

Such a moving, beautifully produced piece of content. The short film was produced by Brazilian ad agency AlmapBBDO. Pedigree says the campaign will continue rolling out similar stories worldwide throughout 2016. What did you think of this video?

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