Notice His Front Paws? At The End Of This Video, Something AMAZING Is Going To Happen!

While all dogs are born with a similar joyful spirit, not all dogs are fortunate to be born perfectly healthy. Meet Quasimodo, a cute little mixed breed dog that was born with a rare birth defect that caused his front legs to bow outwards, making his paws face inward towards each other. This caused poor Quazi a great deal of pain, and his unsympathetic owners abandoned him without giving him a fair chance.

After being thrown from a truck, he was taken to a shelter and placed with a loving foster home. Despite all the pain and suffering he endured, little Quazi held onto his sweet personality. Thankfully with the help of his foster family and others, he was able to have the corrective surgery that would allow him to walk again, pain free! Watch this special video of Quazi’s journey below:

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