Now You Can Wear Your Dog Comfortably


You can’t sit up.  You can’t stand.  You can’t even type properly because you have one of those loveably pesky small dogs or cats that wants to be in your lap at all times.  Well, now there’s a product that can make both of you happy – a hoodie with a pocket made specially for them!


Maybe it’s because we’re a constant heat source for their tiny bodies, or perhaps they just truly love us and want to be with us every minute they can, but little (and sometimes not so little) pets have a habit of creeping up into our laps and onto our chests.


They very begrudgingly move only when threatened with the possibility of sliding onto the floor, but not before pretending they’re scaling the vertical face of a glacier and turning their paws into tiny little crampons.


Behold the Mewgaroo, a hoodie that gives its wearer the appearance of a marsupial.  It’s designed to hold cats (thus the hood’s kitty ears), but can obviously be used with small dogs as well.  And guinea pigs and turtles and whatever other critter you hold near and dear.


The hoodie is gray and comes in two sizes – medium and large.  It boasts a removable liner that can be washed separately to keep your pet’s nest clean, though of course we know they’d prefer it to reek of them.


Now you can get back to reading or texting and all those other activities that require the use of hands that otherwise would be full of adorable furball. UniHabitat has only just released the product, so be on the lookout for it to hit Amazon and other online retailers very soon. Hopefully it will eventually be available in other colors and sizes, too!

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