Nuns Adopt Unwanted 9-Year-Old Pit Bull From Shelter

After the nuns from Our Lady of Christian Doctrine had lost their dog, they went to their local shelter to find another dog to bring home. They wanted to offer a dog that had little chance of finding a home a place to live forever.


That is how they met Remy, a 9-year-old pit bull who had been living at Hi Tor Animal Care Center for months – her adoption prospects were not good, she was, and an older females dog and a she is a pit bull, two strikes against her.


Sister Veronica Mendez said she was looking specifically for a dog that no one else wanted. They nuns knew that not many people would want a 9-year-old dog. Remy immediately brightened their home with her open and loving personality.

Take a look at this video

Sister Virginia Johnson said that Remy is a senior and they are seniors, it was a perfect match! Share away, people.

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