Obedient Dog Practices Safety First In Adorable Viral Video

Our dogs are our children, so we need to teach them how to safely cross the road. This adorable dog is well trained and waits patiently at the crosswalk holding his dad’s hand.

New York is a bustling city packed with people and non-stop traffic. One dog owner has taught his loyal golden retriever to hold his leash in his mouth, and hold his dad’s hand while waiting at a crosswalk. The duo was captured on video at a busy New York crossing displaying their impeccable safety.

Both are relaxed and show that safety is common sense to them. The obedient dog waits patiently until he is commanded by his dad that it is safe to cross. Unfortunately, the video does not show them crossing the street, but it is safe to say they made it across unharmed.

The video has gone viral spreading safety first and smiles to all who watch. Watch the adorable video below.



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