Obese Dog Named Strudel Hoping To Find Forever Home After Shedding Extra Pounds

Things were not looking good for Strudel the Golden Retriever when she arrived at the shelter after her human passed away. Extremely overweight and 7-years-old, she didn’t have much hope of being adopted.

With a thyroid problem, bad joints and simply being “too fat” time was running out for Strudel.

That’s when Hearts for Hounds Rescue in Virginia learned about the pudgy pup and decided to take her in. “Strudel came to us incredibly overweight to the point of it being detrimental to her health,” the rescue wrote. “Strudel is now the first dog to join our Heart for Hounds ‘Biggest Loser’ program and is working very hard to get trim and healthy.”

Strudel is getting support in her weight-loss journey from Zoom Room Virginia Beach – an indoor dog gym and fitness facility. When owners John and Kristy Cotthaus saw a picture of Strudel, they reached out to Hearts for Hounds to help and now sponsor her weekly agility sessions.

Here’s a video of Strudel on her first day of agility class. You can see her tail is wagging away even though it’s difficult for her to walk.

Along with her new exercise regime, Strudel is taking daily thyroid and joint supplements. All the love and attention is helping Strudel shed the pounds. Over the past three months she’s lost over 20 pounds, going from 80 pounds down to 54!

She is getting around much better now that she has lost weight.

“She has a heart of gold and absolutely loves agility class which she attends weekly to help with strength building, stamina, and weight loss,” write Hearts for Hounds. “She is a very friendly dog and her tail never stops wagging! At home, she is very laid back, knows obedience commands, and is extremely well behaved.”

Now that she’s shed some pounds and keeping to her exercise regime, Strudel’s rescuers are hoping she will find a forever home. They are looking for a family who will help her continue on her weight loss journey and towards a healthy lifestyle.

“Strudel is looking for a family that will be just as dedicated as we are to helping Strudel lose weight and stay healthy,” they wrote. “This will require keeping up with her agility classes, daily walks, and strict diet as well as being sure she receives her thyroid medication daily. Hearts for Hounds will continue to monitor and work with her new family throughout her weight loss journey.”

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