Officer Adopts Abandoned Injured Puppy She Saved, Giving the Pup a Second Chance at Life

On July 16th, Officer Sara Rogers of the Augusta Police Department responded to a call regarding an injured and abandoned puppy. Without hesitation, she promptly took the poor pup to a local veterinarian for immediate care while the authorities initiated a search for the dog’s owner.

Officer Rogers went above and beyond her call of duty, continually checking on the puppy throughout her shift to ensure its well-being. The bond between Officer Rogers and the pup started to develop as they even shared a meal together.

As she spent more time with the puppy, Rogers knew she wanted to do more to help the endearing dog. When the dog’s original owners were not located, she made the compassionate decision to foster the dog until it was ready for adoption.

However, as the time drew closer for the puppy to find a new home, Officer Rogers found herself unable to part with the dog who had formed a close connection with her.

Unable to resist the bond they had developed, Rogers decided to officially adopt the dog. In a nod to a favorite franchise, she named her new furry friend Rey, after a Jedi from Star Wars.

The Augusta Police Department shared this heartwarming story on their Facebook page, along with a photo of the inseparable pair. This beautiful narrative serves as a reminder of the resilience of animals and the powerful bond that can develop between humans and their pets.

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