Officers Hear Whimpering In The Distance, Follow The Sound To Life-Changing Find

Police officers were leaving a Florida home after responding to a call when they heard a faint whimpering in the distance. They followed the sound to a septic drain in an empty lot. The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to tell their story.

What they saw stopped them in their tracks: a puppy at the bottom of the drain with no way out.

They immediately pulled the terrified, soaking-wet puppy from the drain.

They bathed the pup and set out to find his owner. Without any luck, Officer James Gettings decided he would adopt him!

And it didn’t take long for Puddle to make himself at home! He already claimed the bed…

…And a shoe. 😛

Officer Gettings felt like it was more than a coincidence and that the two were meant to meet each other that day. Now Puddle gets a second chance at life in an amazing home. 🙂

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