Old Dog Dumped On The Street Wandered Into An Office Asking For Help. Now She’s Desperate For Love

This big dog, now known as Tina, was wandering around an industrial suburb of Athens, Greece, all alone. She was emaciated, starving, and covered in wounds. She needed help desperately and she knew she had to find some before it was too late.

One day she wandered in to office of a nearby company and laid down. She stayed there and wouldn’t get up; this is probably the closest thing to shelter she’s had in a long time. That’s when animal rescuer Valia went to the office to pick her up.

Valia placed the leash around her neck, and Tina automatically got up and followed her to her car. It was like she knew she was being rescued. She sat in the back seat, quiet and patient.

Valia brought her to the vet and Tina placed her head on her lap while they were in the waiting room. Every time Valia stopped petting her, Tina would lift her paw onto her, asking for more love. After wandering the streets alone for so long, it was clear that she yearned for attention and affection.

After being examined, they concluded that she suffers from horrible mange. It made her scratch so much that it would make her skin bleed. She was so emaciated that it made her weak and barely able to walk.

As time went on, Valia began to learn more and more about “Tina” from the locals in the area where she was found. It turns out that Tina’s real name is Lara, and that she’s a 12-year-old Russian Shepherd. The worst part, is that she wasn’t born a stray; she used to belong to people

Thankfully now she is in much better hands and will finally get the care she needs, and most importantly, the love! Valia is taking such great care of this poor pup. In the video below, you can see her singing her a lullaby while she rests on her lap. She is a such a sweet, gentle pup, and it is so sad to know that she was dumped and left behind. Luckily, she has much better days ahead!

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