Old shelter dog musters up the energy to press her head against the fence to be petted

Photographer John Hwang is an animal lover, and he will often visit shelters to pet and spend time with the dogs waiting for forever homes. On a recent visit, he almost didn’t notice this old, dejected dog. But she noticed him.

The old dog could barely move and sat in the corner as if she wanted nothing to do with anyone. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth…

The 10-year-old dog at Baldwin Park Animal Shelter sat hunched over in the corner — until she saw John.

It took everything she had in her, but she was able to muster up the energy to press her head into the fence to get petted.

John was taken aback by her demeanor and just sat there with her for a while as they enjoyed each other’s company.

The sweet senior dog walked with a slight tremor and was uncoordinated, but she seemed to have the perfect heart.

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