Olive and Chopper: Best buds whose owner never came back

Meet Olive and Chopper; they are best buds and had been on a “possible owner” hold, but no one ever came to find them at the Harbor Animal Care Center in San Pedro, California.

According to the shelter, both dogs are very easy going and sweet. Although they are quite large, the staff at the shelter state the dogs are extremely easy to handle. Both Olive and Chopper are underweight and have bad cherry eyes which will need medical care.

“They’re friendly and they love people, and they would love to have their own people to love,” the shelter wrote on their social media page. “…They must stay together.”


No. A1822848, Neopolitan Mastiff, Spayed Female, 5 Years Old, Weight: 114-lbs.


No. A1822849, Neopolitan Mastiff, Neutered Male, 5 Years Old, Weight: 106-lbs.
Impound Date: 11/2/18

For additional information, contact the Harbor Animal Care Center, San Pedro, CA
Direct Line 310.548.2632
Kennel Supervisors
Leslie Pizzati, city cell 213.305.8323
Martha Lopez, city cell 213.792.8859

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