Once They Took This Pup Out Of The Concrete Cage She Was Living In…She Lit Up

Theia, a young dog, was confined to a dirty, concrete cage in Romania for most of her life. She was denied a proper diet, and was covered in fleas and ticks when rescuers found her at a city pound. When Howl Of A Dog got to her, the poor girl’s organs were failing due to malnutrition, and she was losing the will to live…

But the second she could see what life was like beyond confinement…


She knew she was ready to fight her way back to life.


While she is leagues ahead of where she was in the beginning, Theia still has a long road to recovery, even months after her initial rescue. She put on weight very quickly, but needs more extended treatments for her liver, skin conditions, and other complications that come with such neglect.

She’s now living at the rescue center while she makes it all the way to tip-top health. If you want to help Howl of a Dog save more lives, consider donating!

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