Once This Dog Figures Out What’s Under This Blanket, She Can NOT Hold In Her Joy

Returning home from vacation, this dog’s owner decided to play a funny trick on his pup. Running into the backyard before Fizz could see him, he found the perfect hiding spot under a blanket, and waited. Suddenly the big girl showed up, sensing something was afoot. She sniffed around after hearing a familiar whistle.

Could it be? Is someone here? Wandering around the patio she had an inkling that maybe, just maybe, her dad was home. That’s when she suddenly decided to give that blanket a second look…

As she looked around, the blanket looked normal enough.


Just wait ’til you see their lick-filled reunion!

In a messy explosion of love, slobber, and play, these two best friends were reunited. Could it have been more awesome? We think not.

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