One Man’s Fight to Save Dogs from Torture and Death in Asia

This is a powerful video from Buzzfeed, sharing the heroics of Marc Ching. This man is on a mission to affect change in Asian countries where the torturing of dogs is believed to make their meat taste better. He goes into these slaughter houses, putting himself in harm’s way, doing what he can to capture on video the horror of these places, with the objective of compiling enough evidence to create an international outcry to make these countries where this is happening wake up and take action against the dog meat trade. He also rescues as many of the dogs as he can, bringing them back to the United States to heal and find forever homes, where they can be loved and safe.

Ching, owner of The PetStaurant, a natural food wellness company, and founder of the Animal Help and Wellness Foundation, is passionate about what he does. And the rescue side of his life involved not only what is happening in Asia, but at home, too, where they rescue dogs from severe abuse, many from street gangs. Ching and his team are in the streets of Los Angeles, making a difference to the lives of these animals.

The video can be disturbing and there is a clear warning at the 3:48 marker urging those who do not want to see the particular footage to forward to 4:19 for the remainder of the piece.

What this incredible Ching is doing is nothing short of heroic.

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