One Of The World’s Smallest Dogs, This Cutie Weighs Just 14 ounces

Everyone, meet Disney! Disney is running to be crowned as Britain’s Tiniest Dog!

Disney is a pocket-sized Chihuahua who was born on January 25, 2015. She was part of a litter of three. But unlike Disney’s siblings, she hasn’t grown since she was 8 weeks old. Disney stands at just 9.3 centimeters, that’s about 3 inches tall. And she weighs 14 ounces or 405 grams. Disney’s owner, 26-year-old Natalie Vanes, can fit her little dog in the palm of her hand. Because of her tiny size, Natalie has to keep Disney away from her other dogs because they might mistake her for a toy. So instead of hanging out with her canine companions, Disney has become best friends with the family’s pet kitten named Kiera, who kinda looks like Disney too. And because of their inseparable bond, Disney seems to think that she’s also a kitten! Check out the video below and know more about cute little Disney!

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