One-pound puppy Rico continues to make strides in recovery

Remember tiny one-pound puppy Rico who had been surrendered to a South Carolina emergency veterinarian after someone stepped on him at the end of October? At the time, six-week-old Rico was given a 50/50 chance of survival.

For two weeks, he remained at the emergency room veterinary hospital and now goes back and forth between his primary veterinarian and medical foster. Although his long term prognosis is still not clear, tiny Rico opened his eyes, started moving about and is now up exploring his surroundings. He still has brain swelling, but as has been reported, that takes time.

To help him maintain his body temperature, the cute sweater he wears has been fashioned from a sock.

Please continue to keep Rico in your thoughts & prayers as he continues his battle to recover his horrific injuries.

On Thanksgiving Day, Rico was exploring his surroundings at his foster home:

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