Overweight Dog Has 5 Days To Get Spinal Surgery Or He Will Not Walk Again

Imagine a dog being so overweight that his spine is paralyzed because the excessive pounds prohibit movement. Diligent dog parents should always be aware of how much food and treats a dog eats on a daily basis. Dogs may look at their owners with adoring, pleading eyes but too much food and snacks can lead to a lot of health problems in dogs.

Six-year-old Button Moon is a tiny dog from England who needs spinal surgery in order to regain movement. The poor little dog’s spine collapsed because he weighed in at twice the normal size. Whenever he tries to walk, Button Moon’s back legs drag behind his body. Due to the massive weight gain, his owner surrendered him to a pet rescue. Now, Button Moon is in a race against the clock to have a major operation.

“We’ve got five days to save his life and he will be paralyzed forever unless we get the surgery,” Natalia George, founder of Flori’s Friends Rescue, said. “The longer we wait, the worse the spine is going to get.”

Ironically, Button Moon came to the rescue very underweight. He was skinny and found cowering beneath a car in the town of Kent. He was in a lot of pain, shaking, and had a herniated disc. Thanks to surgery, the pup regained the ability to walk without dragging his rear legs. They found him a new home earlier this year and that’s when things got worse. Eight months went by and Button Moon was once again paralyzed.

“Now he’s gone backwards, very subdued and he’s not wagging his tail,” Natalia shared. “He’s really down in the dumps because he’s in a lot of pain.”

The rescue located a foster home who will care for Button Moon, but they hope he can have the much-needed surgery and raise the funds for it before it’s too late.

For more about Button Moon, visit the Flori’s Friends Rescue website. We wish you all the best, sweet Button Moon!

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