Overweight Rescue Dog Was Found on Brink Of Death – You Have To See Her Now!

If you’re looking for love, and if you’re looking for a faithful companion, you don’t have to look any further. There are plenty of dogs at the shelter who are willing to give you love, friendship, and loyalty. And just like us, they all deserve to get the home and the love that they desperately need. That is why we encourage people to adopt.

The video below tells you the story of a certain shelter dog. Her name is Molly. Molly was abused and neglected by her previous owners. She was overfed with a diet that she was allergic to, and that resulted to serious medical conditions that overwhelmed her owners. Molly was diagnosed with cancer. Watch the video below and see how Molly recovered from the terrible conditions she was in, and how she became a therapy dog!

Molly is so strong that she faced her challenges, survived them, and came out as a beautiful and helpful therapy dog! Her foster parents helped her overcome the struggles in her life and now, she’s living comfortably and happily with a new loving family! Molly, the awesome cancer survivor dog is now helping cancer patients.

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