Overwrought Dog Becomes Village Children’s Plaything, Seeks Solace

Having been a plaything for children in a small village, she was beyond exhaustion.

She could fall asleep anywhere, anytime due to the fatigue that followed her play sessions with the village children. She was barely able to walk, and could be found resting against a hedge, depleted.

We received a distress call regarding this worn-out dog, turned into an object of amusement for the children.

She had been wandering and living a life of extreme hardship. What could have led to her current state?

Presently, she was in a grave state, her matted hair concealing her emaciated body, a stark sign of her anemia. She was merely a skeleton with skin.

Despite her dire situation, her ability to walk was all but gone; she leaned for support.

She was hardly able to walk anymore, her only solace was the love and kindness she received from me.

We named her Mila. For the first time, she felt better after a nurturing bath with a shower gel that soothed her skin.

You could feel her friendliness and gentleness emanating when you were near her. She found comfort in a soft bed where she could rest.

Seven days later, Mila had transformed. She was becoming increasingly beautiful and sweet. Now, she eagerly waits for a loving home that can offer her the warmth and affection she deserves.

She yearns for a new family that can provide her with a warm, loving home.

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