Owner banned from owning pets after rolling sick dog in rug and abandoning him on side of road

The owner of a Golden retriever has been permanently banned from owning any pets after appearing before Cwmbran Magistrates’ Court and admitting he caused his dog, Max, “unnecessary suffering” after wrapping him in an old rug and abandoning him at the side of the road because the dog was ill. Paul James, 55, pleaded guilty to three animal welfare offenses.

According to MetroUK, James, from Abertillery, was also sentenced to 18 months in prison, suspended for one year and ordered to pay court costs and a victim’s surcharge.  The dog Max had been suffering from a severe ear infection, and instead of taking his dog to the veterinarian for treatment, James wrapped the ailing pet into an old rug and dumped him near Fochriw Mountain, Caerphilly, South Wales. When finally discovered, Max’s infection had poisoned his entire body; veterinarians humanely euthanized the dog.

 “It was heartbreaking that in this dog’s moment of need, instead of companionship and compassion, his owner chose to dump him like this, to die alone and suffering,” stated RSCPA Inspector Annie Simmonds.

Rest in peace Max. (Photos of Max rolled up in rug via MetroUK)

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