Owner Compliments Dog On His ‘Handsome’ Looks – Dog’s Response Has Him Dying Of Laughter

One of our favorite pastimes with our pet is the reactions they have while having a normal conversation with them. It sometimes can seem like they understand more than they let on, and one particular pup has caught our eye today!

In the video, an unnamed man and his bandana-adorning pup are seated together and having a conversation. While the dog proceeds to lick and gnaw and woof at his owner, when he finally hears that his human friend has called him ‘handsome,’ his knee-jerk reaction to the compliment is too cute for us to handle!

We love these two, and we can’t wait to see more from them ASAP. It’s clear how much he loves his furry friend, and vice versa. With such an unbelievably cute combination, they definitely make a great team!

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