Owner Dumped His Dog Alone In The Park With A ‘Heartbreaking’ Note

Numerous dogs are heartbreakingly abandoned by their owners in desolate places, left without hope for assistance. There are also times when caring individuals face difficult circumstances and, despite their best efforts, are forced to leave their dogs with little optimism for their future. This narrative revolves around a dog named Baloo, abandoned by his owner in an Arizona park, along with a poignant note left for others to find.

Baloo, a one-year-old eager learner, was discovering the joys of life when he was left alone.

Luckily, Lillian Engelhard stumbled upon him in the park and decided to intervene. Initially unsure if he belonged to someone nearby, Engelhard knew she had to act. She recounted to The Dodo, “I was walking one of my dogs and we came across a community dog run with a dog inside but no owner around. I wondered if the owner had momentarily left to grab something or had an urgent matter to attend to.”

Engelhard waited in her car, watching to see if someone would return for the dog, but no one did. She suspected he had been alone for quite a while, as he appeared to be thirsty, hungry, and restless. The responsibility to assist him fell on Engelhard. Approaching him, she found him overjoyed to meet someone new.

Baloo’s spirits lifted as he greeted her, and it was then Engelhard noticed an unusual note attached to him.

The note read, “This dog is not trained!!! *I had to leave him. Please save him (Venom).

Baloo’s demeanor indicated he was once a cherished pet who relished human company. However, his high energy required Engelhard to put in some training effort to help him focus.

Engelhard was impressed with the strides he made in just a few days. Baloo was eager to learn; he mastered commands like sitting, lying down, staying, and was even house trained. After a period of foster care with Engelhard, she listed him for adoption through Lost Our Home Pet Rescue.

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