Owner Leaves Dog In Hot Car, Dashboard Quickly Fires Up To 158-Degrees

Apparently it needs to keep being said: never leave your dogs in a vehicle on a warm day! A man in Pooler, Georgia, is facing animal cruelty charges for leaving his dog in his hot car for 25 minutes with only the window cracked.

The dashboard of the vehicle read a scolding hot 158-degrees with the use of a thermal imaging camera from the fire department. The man went inside a store and thought it’d be okay to leave the dog there for a little bit.

Pooler Fire Chief Wade Simmons says people are often surprised at just how fast their cars can heat up on the inside. In the past year alone, the department has received calls about 24 children and 18 animals left locked in hot cars.

“We have the dogs for a reason. They are our companions. If that were to ever happen – if they were to die or overheat, it would just break my heart,” said pet owner and dog lover Shelby Thomas.

We need to keep spreading the word so this stops happening!

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