Owner Records Dog’s Sleep Ritual, Laughs Out Loud When He Sees The Footage

When it’s time for bed, many have of have specific routines before we go to bed. We brush our teeth, wash our faces, and say goodnight to our loved ones.
Some of us will sleep with our socks on or off, multiple pillows or just one.

Even our dogs have their special nighttime rituals. A beagle named Leroy likes to make sure that his bedding is just right. He will full his comforter for several minutes before he can get cozy.

It’s pretty hilarious to see how particular this pup is about his sleeping conditions. So, hilarious that his owner decided he would capture Leroy’s bedtime routine on video.

“Leroy loves to get the bed just right, no matter how long it takes!” the video’s caption reads.

First, he starts digging into the blankets to mush them around.

Then he uses his teeth to pull the blanket backward. He starts mushing the top of the blanket around and scrunching it toward the center. Leroy then starts folding the blanket over on itself then lifts the side of the blanket up.

Leroy then tucks himself underneath the blanket and creates a little cave for himself.

This pup look so happy and is just wagging his tail along as he busily works on his bedding.

As soon he has everything just right, he stops. He then disappears underneath the blankets as he pulls himself toward the middle and underneath his DIY covered nest.

There were thousands of YouTubers who found Leroy’s routine to be absolutely adorable. Apparently, many people could relate.

“Look at that. So sweet !! I thought he was going to sleep on top, lol. It fills my heart with joy when I see how good a home people give their animals,” one YouTuber said.

The post also inspired other pet owners to share stories about their pets.

“My pitbull would do this. But with the laundry basket. He’d knock over the laundry basket and make a nest out of all the clothes and then if he couldn’t get it quite the way he wanted,” said another. “Come to the side of the bed in the middle of the night and whine and cry till someone helped him out and pushed the clothes into a big pile. Lol.”

Watch Leroy the beagle get cozy for bedtime in the video below.

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