Owner Throws Quinceañera For Dog’s 15th Birthday

Reaching 15 is a big milestone for people, often representing the transition from child to adult. In some cultures, the occasion is marked with a huge celebration called a Quinceañera.

Typically, Quinceañeras are for girls turning 15. They’re to celebrate the passage from girlhood to womanhood. But one lucky pup was treated to a Quinceañera of her own, but it was to celebrate her passage into her golden years!

Since dogs have much shorter lifespans than people, they usually reach adulthood between one and two years of age. At 15-years-old, Daisy the chihuahua had long transitioned from being a pup to a full-grown chihuahua.

Daisy’s owner, Tracy Nguyen, wanted to celebrate the significant birthday and used the occasion to throw her pup a proper Quinceañera.

Tracy showed photos of the event on social media and people can’t get enough of it! The party was complete with guests and cake and Daisy was dressed in a gown and fitted with a tiara.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Tracy said: “As [Daisy’s] 15th birthday was coming up, we knew that we wanted to throw her a big quinceañera with a fabulous dress and tiara to celebrate her amazing life and as a nod to her roots.”

She added that her friends and family were eager about the celebration since it gave everyone a reason to come together after being apart for so long due to COVID.

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