This Owner Tried To Take A Selfie But Her Dog Had Other Plans!

Dogs are very good listeners and observers. And they’re very good at imitating not just sounds, but actions too! That is why dogs are easy to train. We teach them several tricks, and some don’t even need to be taught at all. They just watch us and then they learn to follow!

The dog in the video below has somehow learned to follow his human’s tongue movements. We’re not sure if she trained him to do this, or if he just learned it on his own; nevertheless, we think it’s super adorable! She takes a video of herself, with her dog on her side. Then she sticks out her tongue for a split second, and amazingly, her cute dog sticks out his tongue too! She does this several times, and her dog follows her every single time! Watch the adorable video below!
Awwww…that is so cute! I wish I could train my dog to do this!

Does your dog follow some of your movements too? Leave a comment below and share it with us!

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