Owner’s Favorite Song Comes On Radio, Then Dog Shows Everyone It’s His Favorite Too

Junior, a French bulldog, has a special hobby – he loves to sing! When his favorite tunes and songs come on the radio, Junior can’t help but sing-a-long with his owner, and it’s a very adorable sight.

In the video below, the duo sing Josef Salvat’s version of “Diamonds.” It starts off with Junior’s owner, Walter Ledermüller, singing, but then when Junior joins in, even Walter can’t help but laugh and smile at his beloved dog’s vocal abilities. I love how the two were able to find a common hobby that they can enjoy with each other. After all, life always more fun with you have someone to share experiences and memories with.

The two don’t just sing “Diamonds.” On Walter’s YouTube channel, they have uploaded videos of themselves singing Frozen’s “Let It Go” and the all-time classic, “You Raise Me Up.”

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