Owners give newly adopted puppy a sibling, take her back to shelter to pick out a best friend

Christina and her fiancé, Vincent, of Odessa, Texas were keen on starting a family. Instead of starting off with children, the engaged couple decided to adopt their very own fur baby.

They brought home a Tamaskan puppy who they named Raven. Raven is a super sweet dog with big, pointy ears, and gorgeous brown eyes. But they didn’t stop there.

The couple wanted to give Raven a sibling, so they took her back to the shelter she was adopted from, and had her pick out her very own playmate! After they introduced Raven to a few kittens, one of the shelter employees decided to bring out this little guy.

The rest was basically history. The two cute creatures instantly bonded and once the adoption papers were signed, they went home happily together.

Ever since that day, the two have been inseparable! They drink together, nap together, romp and play together, and just look too darn cute together!

The two enjoy taking road trips together as well. They chill together in the backseat and snuggle the whole time!

This cat and dog were meant to be together. It’s obvious they are thankful that their owners decided to bring them together!

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