Paralyzed dog, found living in plastic box, will be part of NYC pet fashion show

Effie, a disabled pit bull, has come a long way since she was found living in a plastic box in someone’s garage. The injured dog had a crushed spine and was suffering from neglect before she was taken in by Apollo Support and Rescue (ASR).

Effie no longer suffers without love and attention – and she no longer has to call a plastic box “home.” In fact, thanks to a custom wheelchair, Effie is now mobile and she is even going to participate in a pet fashion show!

As reported in Pet Age, Effie will be sporting her Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair when she struts her stuff at the upcoming New York City Pet Fashion Show. Monica Brown of ASR told the news agency:

“We are all amazed at Effie’s progress, thanks to her heroic spirit and the support of Handicapped Pets. Their team helped us select the best wheelchair for her weight and height, and more importantly, they went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed to give her the best quality of life possible. Effie is more mobile now and even wagged her tail for the first time a few weeks ago! She certainly wouldn’t be walking a huge fashion show without the help of her wheels.”

Effie represents disabled dogs, rescue dogs, and pit bulls and she is proudly sponsored on this exciting venture by Handicapped

Ellie, and other awesome rescue dogs, will be participating in the pet fashion show on February 7 at the Hotel Pennsylvania in Midtown Manhattan. Learn more about this fun event, which benefits animal rescue, at this link.

Watch Ellie in action!

Find Walkin’ Pets by Handicapped Pets on Facebook here.

Find Apollo Support & Rescue on Facebook here.

(Screenshots of Ellie via YouTube)

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