Paralyzed Senior Dog Who Deserves Love Abandoned On The Street In A Plastic Tub

The worst thing a person could possibly do is abandon their dog. Wait, even worse, would be to abandon them when they are old and paralyzed. Someone did just that to a 12-year-old dog in South Florida, left her on the streets alone and at the mercy of strangers. The Dachshund was found in an orange plastic container, unable to walk or help herself.

The Dachshund Rescue South Florida has taken over her care from the shelter after Animal Control picked her up. They have named her Autumn, and have taken her to Southeast Veterinary Neurology. As of now, Autumn is resting comfortably. She will need surgery and rehab and is in desperate need of donations to help her get through.

Take a look at this darling


Dachshund Rescue South Florida began in 2016 and has already saved the lives of nearly 500 Dachshunds. If you can help save Autumn’s life, visit the fundrzr page. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]

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