Parents Surprise Their Son With Puppy At Animal Shelter After Their Dog Passed Away

When a family came in for a visit to the animal shelter of Stray Rescue of St. Louis they had a special surprise planned for their son.

The family was dropping off donations after their family dog recently passed away. But what the parents didn’t tell their son was that they also adopted a puppy and were there to pick him up.

The boy isn’t sure why they are waiting in the hallway but when two staff members round the corner with a puppy in their arms, he is stunned, not believing the puppy being brought over to him is really his. He asks his dad if the puppy is really his.

Needless to say, things get emotional and at one point dad even apologizes to his son: “Sorry to surprise you like that, buddy.”

I think his boy will forgive him quickly, now that he has a new best friend.

Click play in the video below and be sure to have your tissues handy.

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