Parents Surprised When Video Of Baby Cuddling Family Dog Suddenly Goes Viral

Most babies sleep with binkies and blankets, but little Theo is lucky. Whenever the Connecticut baby is ready to nap, he reaches for one of his three labradoodle brothers.

This adorable bedtime ritual started when the baby turned three months old, and seems to have discovered that his furry dog siblings were better for napping than any old blanket, toy, or pillow. Theo’s parents, Jessica and Alex, told Fox News that their baby now snuggles up with “one of the three pups for a 15-30 minute nap a day.”

Naturally, the daily cuddle/napping sessions have yielded a steady stream of heartwarming content on the family’s Instagram page, Samsonthedood, where pictures are often (and appropriately) tagged with the hashtag “three doods and a baby.”

But it wasn’t until COVID-19 that Theo’s nap time routine finally went viral, an anomaly his parents attribute to the Internet’s growing desperation for cute content to break up the steady drumbeat of coronavirus news.

“I think people just want to see heartwarming stuff these days as a break from what’s going on in reality,” Theo’s parents told Fox News.

The Connecticut couple also liked to see the baby cuddling with Samson, who wasn’t initially as keen to nap with the baby as fur-siblings Charley and Shea. “Samson used to cuddle his bear,” Jessica and Alex told Fox News. “Sweet to see him cuddle our baby now.”

And of course, they’re thrilled that “three doods and a baby” can help lighten the mood during this difficult time. “Glad we could make people smile,” they said.

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