Passerby Hears Crying Then Notices Some Dogs Guarding A Blanket

Dogs have a knack for knowing and understanding when someone is in need of help. It’s just embedded in their DNA. And not only do they recognize this, but they often take it a step further and actually try to help. It’s one of the main reasons we call them Man’s Best Friend.

The dogs in this story are a perfect example of this. A man named Ulnas Chowdry was out on a walk one day when he heard some crying nearby. He then heard some dogs and noticed them guarding a blanket with their lives. It was obvious the dogs were trying to get someone’s attention while not leaving the blanket. Much to the man’s dismay, he found a child wrapped up inside.

The dog’s had refused to leave this child’s side and were keeping her warm and doing what they could until help could arrive. They barked and wagged their tails as the man approached relieved that someone was finally here. But the dogs remained by the child as other neighbors showed up to feed her and wait for police to respond. The dogs even followed as the little girl was carried to the patrol car! No one knows how the baby ended up there, but one thing is for sure: these dogs are a huge reason she is alive and well today. They are true heroes.

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