Patient Dog Waits For The Bus Every Day To Help His Human After School

Dogs are just the best! And this is just another example why we call them man’s best friend. Every day, this patient pup waits for the school bus to arrive so that he can greet and help his human sibling after school.

The dog sits calmly as the school bus arrives, but he doesn’t take off running right away. The good boy waits for mom’s approval, and once she gives him the okay it’s off to the races! 😀

Not only is the dog excited to greet his human after a long day, he helps out by grabbing the backpack and carrying it back to the house. You couldn’t ask for a better helper or companion. 🙂

Watch the full interaction in the video below. When you have a dog, you have a best friend for life. And there’s nothing better! 🙂

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