Patient Dog Watches As Squirrel Hilariously Tries To Bury A Nut In His Fur

We all know that during the fall, animals start to prepare for the winter. Some animals start to grow a thicker coat of fur. Some animals eat a lot of food to get ready for the long hibernation nap they take each year. Other animals, like squirrels, will gather up food and store it somewhere safe, so they have enough food to survive the cold winter months.

In the video below we see a very creative squirrel! This squirrel, Wally, has decided to hide his stash of nuts in the fur of a dog! Jax, a Bernese Mountain dog, is displaying an enormous amount of patience as the squirrel digs in to hide his treasures! After ‘digging’ the hole in the fur, Wally tries to take Jax’s fur to completely cover the nut up!

Take a look at this video

As you can imagine, the nut doesn’t stay buried for long! Share away, people!

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