Pawgwarts! Orlando Shelter “Sorts” Dogs Into Harry Potter-Themed Houses!

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ve heard of Hogwarts. Some of the shelter dogs of Orlando, Florida, are now attending “Pawgwarts!”

The Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando hopes that sorting dogs into “Pawgwarts” houses will help combat breed-labeling and give their pups a better shot at being adopted based on their personalities instead of their looks.

Staffers here have created a quiz of sorts that helps sort the pooches by their personalities to give potential adopters an idea of what life might be like with the dog.

“Scientific research has proven visual identification of dog breeds is incorrect more than 70 percent of the time. We joined many progressive shelters around the country and removed breed labels from our shelters. To encourage people to adopt based on personality, we decided to show them for their individual behaviors and personalities,” the organization released in a statement.

We love this idea and really hope it helps the dogs find homes faster!

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