Pennsylvania Firefighters Rescue Dog From River Late At Night

Late one evening, Sharon Fire Department received a call about a dog that had fallen into the Shenango River and needed help.

Firefighters immediately responded and brought the essential equipment for the nighttime water rescue. They used bright lights to shine on the dark area and a boat to travel upriver to find the dog named Dexter.

However, the dog was frightened by the boat and swam away.

The City of Sharon, PA posted, “Firefighter Sonny Miller entered the water and ‘made friends’ with him and finally was able to get Dexter safely into the boat. Ass’t Fire Chief Nick Samson, who assisted with the rescue, helped get them into the boat.”

The successful rescue was shared on Facebook for all to see. The city thanked the heroes and wrote, “The Sharon Fire Department doesn’t just put out fires in the City Of Sharon – tonight they rescued a lucky dog named Dexter who fell in the #shenangoriver near the Silver Street Bridge. Shout out to our firefighters that brought him back to land safe and sound.”

Dexter’s mom, Liz Rose, commented, “My baby was okay thanks to them I am so grateful! Thank you for all your hard work and getting my baby boy out!!”

Firefighters are the prime example that not all heroes wear capes.

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